Focus on air quality especially in schools & childcare

This seems 200% worth another look from my point of view as a parent and being involved in the childcare sector. The study and this article were published in January, pre-coronavirus. How is this not re-surfacing now?

Installing air filters in classrooms has surprisingly large educational benefits

Jan 8 2020 by Matthew Yglesias

If it does end up that COVID-19’s route of transmission is primarily spreading through aerosols, this is potentially more important than PPE and other measures. Daniil Gorbatenko, who is generally leaning pretty hard as a critic of current lockdown measures, just posted an unpublished paper “Aerosols may be at the core of COVID-19 transmission” which seems like a reasonable summary of the argument.

I suppose this would also be super important for long-term care facilities, but it is interesting timing to have evidence of this being a good investment for boosting educational outcomes before even considering COVID-19.

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