Excellent anecdote re: digital market distortions

Anyone know how to link in a specific audio clip from a podcast episode? The timestamps in the link are not honored in how WordPress picks up the link.

Nevertheless, check out 15m30s to 16m30s here from Ross Roberts:



Feedly mute filters sweet feature for RSS

My love for RSS goes back to using Google Reader + Yahoo Pipes to do some very cool things and so I was stoked to see this feature request marked completed.

Sounds like they’ve already soft launched this:

Some examples of why this is useful- makes boolean search triggers possible on sites with rudimentary search functionality like Kijiji, you could pair down all kinds of feeds that have way too much noise to pay attention to like local events feeds, and this essentially compliments Google Alerts by allowing you to do the opposite of using search triggers.



Taking your life back from technology

I’ve always been a reluctant consumer of twitter and social media in general, with a strong preference for RSS feeds that allow for batching incoming information. This was a very practical discussion of implications of social media addiction in the business world. Apparently the average American adult between 16-64 spends 3 hours / day on social media sites! At the very least the author is spot on suggesting one of the easiest decisions to make is to at least remove social media apps from your phone..

Cal Newport on taking your life back from technology

Check out TwitRSS.me if you’re stuck wondering how to get off the Twitter escalator but not lose some great content that gets posted there.

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F.lux twilight etc. optimal coordinates

I’m a fan of Paul Jaminet’s underrated take on circadian rhythms, boiling things down to generally having a day to day lifestyle with 12 hour days and (12 hour) nights year-round. He gives a good overview of his take in this podcast episode transcript here. Interesting what he says about a strategy with his newborn which I think makes more sense than anything I’ve heard from what I read on the subject when my daughters were < 1 year.

Tools like F.lux for computers and Twilight for Android etc. are quite popular but I think most people use the default approach of syncing to the users specific location to mimic sunrise/sunset. Alternatively in both of these that I use you can manually set the coordinates to for example for me on EST time I can use 0.00, -111.0 to use the equator’s latitude and adjust the longitude depending on the best 12 hour daytime hours around my schedule.



Odd shut down of Scope android app

Bummed that my favorite social news feed app Scope for android seems to have been killed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this happen with so little reported about what has happened over the last 72 hours or so. Searching for news reveals almost nothing aside from a few users also reporting their feeds just stopped updating.

Not that I am big fan of twitter or facebook for that matter, but this app did exactly what I needed to scan a few feeds that can’t be done with RSS in a really slick way. Even better than the also killed TweakDeck.

I can’t handle the bloat of apps like hootsuite and it feels painful to have to actually open a facebook or twitter app individually. What to do?


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