Using Google Calendar as a Journal

Seems like a pretty good idea if you already use Google Calendar and you have any inclination to keep a journal of some sort (ie. training log or work journal).

Using it as a journal

I’ve already begun using it as a personal journal – recording anything from how often I use the health club, to personal feelings or ideas that I wish to jot down somewhere.

It works by simply creating a new “event” as an individual journal entry. The events are automatically date and time stamped, so you always know when you wrote something. And, obviously, since it’s a calendar – the events are organized by “day,” keeping a chronological archive of all entries ever written.

The event name is the journal entry headline, and you can use the description part of the event as the body of the journal entry.

via Matt Thommes / Using Google Calendar for other purposes.

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Dropbox over Sugarsync

I’ve been using Dropbox for the past year and while I’ve been really happy with it (and introduced it to more than a few people), I had heard the buzz about Sugarsync being a superior option.

I read “I made the switch because SugarSync, in every way, shape, and form, is superior to DropBox,” and looked at Sugarsync’s feature comparison which shows several advantages for Sugarsync.

Why I still prefer Dropbox after giving Sugarsync a whirl:
– transfer speeds are significantly slower than dropbox
– while it is nice to be able to put more than one folder on to the cloud, the “magic briefcase” of files available everyone is still limited to one folder (it would be more compelling if you could “tag” files/folders to be available locally on all devices versus having to move it in to a special folder)
– the simplicity of dropbox lends itself to someone (ehem me) not wanting to pay for the premium accounts (i.e. if I’m limited to 2GB anyway, I’m likely to keep just putting good old “My Documents” on the cloud)
– Sugarsync’s iphone app didn’t impress me.. the music streaming didn’t seem to work and I have faith that Dropbox’s recently announced app will be superior (especially the ability to tag files as “favourites” and have them available locally)

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Use Google Calender to Get Free SMS Reminders

Google Calendar’s reminder features are awesome. To my knowledge they are one of the only services that get away with sending SMS messages to mobile phones without paying some additional charge to enable receiving SMS from email. The only problem is using GCal reminders is limited to events only, not tasks or random reminders.

Solution? Create a specific calendar just for reminders (or anything else you’d like to have SMS’d to you). You it toggle it on/off when you look at your calendar so the reminders don’t clutter your calendar. Works for recurring reminders and all that jazz.

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