F.lux twilight etc. optimal coordinates

I’m a fan of Paul Jaminet’s underrated take on circadian rhythms, boiling things down to generally having a day to day lifestyle with 12 hour days and (12 hour) nights year-round. He gives a good overview of his take in this podcast episode transcript here. Interesting what he says about a strategy with his newborn which I think makes more sense than anything I’ve heard from what I read on the subject when my daughters were < 1 year.

Tools like F.lux for computers and Twilight for Android etc. are quite popular but I think most people use the default approach of syncing to the users specific location to mimic sunrise/sunset. Alternatively in both of these that I use you can manually set the coordinates to for example for me on EST time I can use 0.00, -111.0 to use the equator’s latitude and adjust the longitude depending on the best 12 hour daytime hours around my schedule.

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