Kids Love Ketchup

But it’s fairly high in sugar, not the best habit to get kids in to over reliance on.

But it also is just awesome on a lot of things.

So here’s one idea for keeping ketchup kid taste friendly but making it a little more legit ingredient wise to be also kid tummy friendly.

  1. Save a smaller sized squeeze bottle of ketchup (consumed).
  2. Take these three variations of ketchup and combine in to small squeeze bottle to consume in smallish batches:
    1. Low-cost run of the mill no-name brand ketchup. (cheapest, standard tasting)
    2. Stevia-sweetened ketchup (lightens sugar load, kids not keen on this kind on it’s own)
    3. Fermented ketchup like offered by Mighty Brine (quality ingredients, fermented bonus)

Not sure how/if the mixing affects the fermented state of the third ingredient but I choose to assume I’m good to go for up to a couple weeks. It’s bit of pain not sure if I will keep it up at the busiest of times but it feels good to try to find ways to fit in less sugar and more fermented products into everyday foods.

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