J.Period The Best Of Lauryn Hill: Fire & Water

Very random post..

I’ve been switched on to (Google) Play Music not because it is superior in functionality or breadth of music over say Spotify. But rather it has the advantage of allowing you to add in mp3s to your collection and also stream those to mobile devices for play on the road (Spotify lets you add your own files but does not allow you to then use those on mobile devices). What good is a collection on the go if you can’t stream a Beatles song?

Anyway one of my favorite hiphop albums is J.Period The Best Of Lauryn Hill: Fire & Water (it’s more than just a collection of Lauryn Hill songs.. check it out) and I just randomly thought of it today. Not on Play Music. Good luck finding a NZB or Torrent for it. But randomly I checked to see if it was available for a few bucks somewhere and it looks like they launched a one day free download back in May 2015 to celebrate the 10th anniversary and the link still works to download the full 2 “CD” album.

Cheers happy Labor Day

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