Odd shut down of Scope android app

Bummed that my favorite social news feed app Scope for android seems to have been killed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this happen with so little reported about what has happened over the last 72 hours or so. Searching for news reveals almost nothing aside from a few users also reporting their feeds just stopped updating.

Not that I am big fan of twitter or facebook for that matter, but this app did exactly what I needed to scan a few feeds that can’t be done with RSS in a really slick way. Even better than the also killed TweakDeck.

I can’t handle the bloat of apps like hootsuite and it feels painful to have to actually open a facebook or twitter app individually. What to do?


  1. YanNechayev Said,

      March 3, 2014 @ 1:30 am

    Yeah, the same problem. Btw the app is not in GPlay anymore. Google support tells it was deleted a few days ago. The site is down, and Scope Support email are silent. No one knows what’s going on. Well, RIP Scopeapp.

  2. gregdavisdotca Said,

      March 17, 2014 @ 9:39 am

    Indeed I miss Scope.

    Since then have tried not using twitter at all and checking in on FB rarely. I think I actually learned that I need less and less of twitter/facebook. But I’ve settled on Plume as a replacement, and done a lot of “unfollowing” on FB, and have a very small list of twitter users I follow for some news filtering.

    This is a decent post to reference although I think all the TweetDeck alternatives aren’t a real option anymore:

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