Getting up to speed on online shopping techniques

I thought this article from last week on finding back to school computer deals was worth checking out for more than just computer shopping. It’s a great summary of the online tools out there that have creeped in to the modern day bargain shopping toolbox. Amazing how far we’ve come from paper coupons and crappy Groupon (sorry).

Going Back To School? Save Money On A New Computer With 7 Secret Tips.

Some of these startups are amazing I wish I had thought of some of these things… Personally I have need to step my game up and try a few of these things. Recently I have been impressed even with just checking RetailMeNot before buying something online, more often than not if a website has any coupon or discount field on the checkout page that should trigger you to take a look around.

And double plug for the Chrome extension Page Monitor, which solves a huge challenge of keeping track of pages without RSS feeds. For example, I have a niche industry news site that sells an expensive insider newsletter that flags new stories, but all I really want is to get notified of the latest news headlines that they report. So this extension notifies me and takes me to the exact new headlines highlighted on the page which I can use for searching on my own to get the details. Awesome stuff. I have added hundreds of sites and it works spot on.

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