Why twitter and not all in RSS?

I basically resent that twitter adds another layer in how I consume news/media. I get that it makes it easy to do short posts really quickly but any web publishing interface could do the same thing by just simplifying post entry and categorizing them. I just uninstalled the widget for my own feed on this site and replaced it with a simple bookmark sharing widget using Pinboard.

A certain random mix of folks I enjoy reading / value their recommendations (i.e. Andrew Coyne– his is basically my Canadian news ticker-, Jordan Breen, Sam Harris, Jason Collins, and Geoffrey Miller) for some reason have decided to use it. I don’t see any reason they can’t be writing blog content, tag or categorize short posts, and it’s the same output and I could read it with the rest of my feeds. People say it’s just fast and easy to write on the platform, but I don’t buy that it works any faster than other options that would push content through elsewhere. Retweeting is just bookmarking and there are better ways to do that. Use a simpler service like Pinboard and share a tag feed.

To really peeve people off, Twitter specifically stopped offering RSS feeds for following people, and closed off it’s API to IFTTT. Then they shut down Tweetdeck on Android so for a while I had to check facebook and twitter separately… brutal. Luckily I stumbled on the mobile app Scope to avoid that problem.

Please, more free awesome content, but not on Twitter!

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