Election woes

I think there’s a provincial election coming up in Ontario. For the first time since 6th grade I’m out the loop on when exactly it is or the platforms of the major parties involved. I could spend a few minutes googling for some details, or I could put up this short rant to vent any frustrations I would normally get out over a drink with anyone who will listen.

Sorry Tim Hudak, I know close to nothing about you, but the 2-3 sound bytes I’ve picked up over the last few years make me want to vomit thinking that this is the best a conservative movement in the place that has always been my home can drum up. Thanks for wasting the small portion of my life that went to hearing you speak on repealing the HST or the hyperbole of targeting foreign workers.

And Dalton McGuinty, thanks for doing a whole lot of nothing over the last 8 years that I can think of, aside from marring the landscape of south western Ontario with useless wind energy projects over your tenure (please let the word subsidy die, it’s never a good idea).

How bout someone grow a pair and start talking (in Ontario and beyond) about agricultural reform (think subsidies and the industrialized grain fed disaster), invent a real environmental program (land and park conservation), strike down religious privilege in our tax and school systems, do something to start bringing down the growth of health care costs, get rid of EVERY subsidy and lower income tax, lobby for the elimination of supply-side drug enforcement, and kill the ridiculous Cuban embargo (ok this last one is pretty specific to US feds, but hey come on this makes no sense).

It’s not that real candidates never come around (i.e. Republican Gary Johnson for 2012 US election). I think the problem really might be the majority of people subscribe to such a poor journalistic standard and lack any sort of personal leadership in their lives, that when a spark of originality shows itself in any political sphere, there just isn’t sufficient kindling around these parts.

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