More than a few paleo veggies

I’m not a fan of vegetarianism but even with paleo(-ish) diets people often react that there wouldn’t be enough variety. I found this following list I formatted from wikipedia a while back sitting in a note file. Not totally inclusive but tried to include most common vegetables to make this a practical list (also excludes herbs and spices):

Cruciferous Vegetables

(bulb and stem) kohlrabi

(green/leafy) arugula (rocket) brussels sprout cabbage Chinese cabbage (bok choy) collard greens kale mustard (greens and seeds) rapini turnip (greens) watercress

(root and tuber) daikon radish turnip (root) rutabaga

(fruiting/flowering) broccoli cauliflower

Non-Cruciferous, non-root vegetables

(bulb and stem) asparagus celeriac garlic leek onion anise fennel

(fruiting/flowering) artichoke celery cucumber eggplant* peppers* pumpkin squashes tomato* zucchini

(green/leafy) beet greens chard dandelion greens endive lettuces radicchio spinach

(sea vegetables) dulse kombu laver wakame

Root and tuber vegetables

carrot beetroot ginger parsnip sweet potato water chestnut yam


* = nightshade

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