Pipe to keep tabs on comments from stellar food-related bloggers

Some of the most insightful info available gets posted in comments on blogs by their respective authors (not random commenters). So wouldn’t it be neat if you could have comments by your favorite bloggers drop in to an RSS feed?

I’ve pretty much accomplished this for some of my favorite diet/nutrition bloggers using this pipe feed. Yahoo Pipes is an awesome tool, since most RSS readers don’t offer any advanced/filtering functionality.

These authors post some really interesting comments (for some I don’t even subscribe to their blogs, just read their comments):
Art Ayers
Brad Pilon
Kurt Harris
Mark Sisson
Martin Berkhan
Mike Eades
Petro Dobromylskyj
Robb Wolf
William Davis

I have a few others set up for other topics that use some other neat functionality.. but I’m sure there are more technical people that can do a lot more than I with this stuff.

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