Use a Timer When Doing Computer Work

It’s good idea, when spending a lot of time doing computer work in one sitting, to get up every once and a while and just move around. Especially for shoulder and back health. The problem is no matter how convinced we are of this it just doesn’t happen.

Well not only can a desktop timer be a good idea for professionals tracking time spent on projects, they can be used for just about anything, including making yourself get up every so often. I think about 25-35 minutes is a realistic interval.

Since I started using it the other major benefit I have noticed is that I regularly question my productivity. If the timer goes off and I haven’t accomplished much (or not on my highest priorities), I have an “Oh crap” moment to get myself in line.

I use this extremely simple timer for windows.

A few good articles:
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    […] had noted previously that I find it really useful to set a timer when doing computer work.. turns out some of gone a […]

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