Favorite Podcasts

Aw ya.. BeyondPod on Android with 1.2x playback speed.. I am definitely a podcast junkie. Here’s some of my favorite “regulars” in addition to my habit of downloading single episodes that attract my attention from other shows (see old post on how you can set up a feed for one-off episodes to sync with your device).

In no particular order:

  • TVO’s Big Ideas lecture seriesRSS – Not sure if they’ll keep new episodes coming but this is an easy way to listen to stand-out university lectures.
  • Jordan Breen showRSS – On a time budget for sports news, can’t miss the mastermind’s weekly show for my MMA news and it’s just good radio
  • Ottoman History PodcastRSS – More of an extended audiobook on one topic.
  • Entrepreneurial Thought LeadersRSS – Good slice of the successful tech entrepreneur presentation genre.
  • Bulletproof Executive RadioRSS – the best of over-the-top narcissistic biohacking, some of it is good stuff
  • SerialRSS – haven’t even finished listening to this but have heard nothing but rave reviews on this series (more of a one-off crime story but they might do more seasons)
  • Startups For the Rest of UsRSS – If into small business software world, great stuff
  • The Joe Rogan ExperienceRSS – I listen to maybe 1/15-20 episodes when a guest (examples- Sam Harris, Robb Wolf, Ronda Rousey) catches my attention but still deserves honorable mention
  • MixergyRSS – Despite a lot of raving I’ve seen about Andrew Warner being the best at conducting interviews, I don’t actually like his interview style I think it’s a little over the top to keep asking “how am I doing with this interview?” and “I feel like that question made you a little uncomfortable should we talk about that?” etc. But I’m not sure where else you can get such a wide variety of entrepeneur stories in detail about how they quit their jobs, what their numbers were, etc.
  • In Our Time With Melvyn BraggRSS – Bite sized RANDOM topics mostly science and history stuff. Can’t imagine not liking this show.
  • EconTalkRSS – Wouldn’t have guessed it based on the host being slightly more conservative than myself, and a “person of faith” (Jewish), but I if I think of my podcast consumption over the last several years I would say this has been my favorite show. I very rarely skip an episode.
  • The Tim Ferriss ShowRSS – Gets repetitive and there are some real stinker episodes, but this is worth checking out fairly regularly. Great episode on wine and whisk(e)y.
  • Waking Up with Sam HarrisRSS – My only knock on this show is I’m not a big fan of episodes that are readings of essays. But any interviews he does I will eat up big time.
  • The Agenda with Steve PaikinRSS – Steve is the man.. a lot of topics relevant to only Ontario/Canada, but come on what an underrated interviewer. Foreign affairs coverage is fantastic. Janice Stein all day.
  • Power Hour with Alex EpsteinRSS – I have an environmental science masters degree and I would love to challenge some of Alex’s positions, but overall this guy is right about a lot of things. Bit of a tangent but most environmentalist with good intentions think because something is a good cause it deserves investment regardless of opportunity costs.. that’s the main misunderstanding on the types of issues that Alex seems to have radical positions on.
  • Robb WolfRSS – For me personally this podcast has gotten a bit tired, but will always be one of my favorites if he keeps pumping out interviews. Big Robb Wolf fan obviously.
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore HistoryRSS – Among many good episodes, history of the Mongol empire in super digestible format? Come on great stuff. Get it while it’s free..

I’m not super consistent but I try to share good episodes with an audio tag in my Pinboard bookmarks (which I think you can subscribe to as a feed).