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Summary of the Perfect Health Diet (what I think is the best set of ideas that combines what we know about food science, evolutionary context, and making compromises that work with a practical lifestyle). This is a food link but worth mentioning that Paul Jaminet has some great thoughts on circadian rhythm entrainment.

Cooling Inflammation. Love love this blog and I watch for (his) comments added to posts.

Everything Robb Wolf has to say is worth a read and a listen

Kurt Harris12 step PāNu guide. Dated content but this guy did a good job of boiling down what has become common sense.

The feeding portion of Art De Vany‘s original inspiring evolutionary fitness essay.

Dan’s Plan really good infographic for beginners.

Loren Cordain‘s useful Paleo Diet Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Complete Illustrated One Page Bulletproof Diet (Upgraded Paleo). (Dave Asprey is a little too intense for the average person- myself included- but if you are super environmentally sensitive person I do think his stuff is legit).

Hyperlipid. Hard line on low-carb, but Peter is likely technically correct on his scientific commentary.

Mat Lalonde on Nutrient Density, Paleo Fails, and Being the Kraken

What science really says about the paleo diet with Mat Lalonde

Importance of Feeding Livestock on Pasture

Bulletproof Exect Podcast #42: Alderspring’s Glenn Elzinga, Grass-Fed Beef and a Bulletproof Protein
Allan Savory’s TED talk, “How to fight desertification and reverse climate change”


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