Toronto cyclists- what you could be fined

Yikes I know I could get hit with a few of these:


including fine, court cost and victim fine surcharge

Improper bicycle lighting – $35

Fail to wear proper helmet (under 18) – $80

Two people riding on a bicycle – $110

Riding along crosswalk – $110

Disobey officer directing traffic – $110

No bell or horn on bicycle – $110

Defective bell or horn – $110

Red light, fail to stop – $190

Careless driving – $325

via Toronto cyclists feel the heat, at $325 a ticket – Posted Toronto.

I hope it doesn’t take a fine at some point to straighten me out, but I don’t have a bell on my bike and often cruise through reds if there is no traffic.  Not sure I’m a big fan of these rules.  But even the rep from the “bike union” quoted in the article seemed to fall in line with these fines..

Okay I guess if I think about it, it makes sense to have them so the cops can have a leg to stand on when enforcing stupid behavior. But to actively have cops hiding behind vans to bust people riding through reds?  Not a fan.



Toronto Food Shopping

(Doh, this became really outdated so I cut out most of the page and need to replace it, but left a few old faves).

Here’s a google sheet with some hard to find items in Toronto.

Chance to list out some faves:

Fiesta Farms
– fruit & veggies, pastured pork, well priced duck eggs

Sanagan’s Meat Locker
– best butcher in the Toronto area

West Side Beef
– grass-fed meat orders, fresh not frozen from Dingo Farms (or at least that was their source back in 2012ish)

– Ontario dairy products, primarily grass fed except for in winter




Looking for a better way to organize some reviews / favourite restaurants in Toronto but for now here is a Google map listing some good ones downtown..

View Restaurants in a larger map



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