Niagra Falls Frozen


It’s hard to imagine the force of nature that is Niagra Falls ever coming to a dead halt, but as documented in this extraordinary picture, the falls were frozen solid .  The picture is reputed to have been taken in 1911, but historically, the last time the falls completely froze was in 1886.

frozen niagara falls

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What Deserves Protesting

An excerpt of an interview posted on Warren Myer’s climate site deserves a bump in the wake of the big protest movement that swept Toronto this weekend. I sympathize with this argument even if it understates potential problems with CO2, if the main point is that we need to acknowledge other priorities.

Don’t we have a duty to protect or planet for future generations?(i.e. save it from deforestation, pollution etc)

Sure, but as I stated above, we have all kinds of duties to future generations, and not all of them have to do with the environment. But I would argue that the current obsession with small changes to trace levels of CO2 in the atmosphere has in fact gutted the environmental movement. Nothing else is getting done. Take deforestation. My personal interest is in protecting wilderness, and my charity of choice is land trusts that preserve the Amazon. But do you know the #1 cause of deforestation in the Amazon over the last decade? It was the Brazilian ethanol program, which is supposed to be fighting CO2, but now has been shown to do little or nothing for CO2 and it is incentivizing farmers to clear the Amazon to plant more switchgrass and other ethanol crops. Ditto in the US, where ethanol programs are raising food prices and adding to deforestationI would argue that CO2 is not even in the top 10 worst environmental problems in the world. Take clean water in Africa, which I do consider a top 10 problem. The only way Africans are going to get clean water is from using cheap energy to pump and treat water, cheap energy whose only really realistic source is from fossil fuels.

I actually prefer his other site Coyote Blog but both are worth subscribing to.



Ontario ratchets coal plant emissions cap down to 11.5 Mt beginning in 2011

Ontario ratchets coal plant emissions cap down to 11.5 Mt beginning in 2011 – Davis LLP.

How about focusing equally as much on ratcheting down pollutants that affect local air and water quality? The headline says “emissions” but the details seem to show a concern for only CO2…

In that capacity, the government issued a shareholder directive to OPG on May 20 limiting the CO2 emissions from OPG’s four coal-fired generating stations to 11.5 Mt per year. A previous directive in April 2008 set the limit for 2009 at 19.6 Mt and for this year at 15.6 Mt. The new limit established by the May 20th directive is therefore 41% lower than the 2009 limit and 26% lower than this year’s limit.



Nice looking enviro job in London, ON

Saw this job posting for a NiCHE Project Coordinator in my inbox and thought it might be interesting for some people I know. I’m a fan of the project and would be in to this if I was looking for work..

The NiCHE (Network in Canadian History & Environment) Project Coordinator will be responsible for developing and supporting our network’s knowledge mobilization activities. The incumbent will supervise the day-to-day management of this national network, supporting and collaborating with scholars to ensure that project goals are met in a timely and efficient manner. As part of these duties, the incumbent will maintain the network’s Drupal-based content management website, creating online content regularly and encouraging others to contribute. S/he will act as a co-applicant in some grant writing, coordinate workshops and other events, organize meetings, draft reports, manage budgets, and assist with other general administrative tasks. S/he will also be involved in developing and participating in collaborative environmental history / historical geography projects with other NiCHE members. The incumbent must be energetic, self-directed, and able to work independently.

– Master’s degree or higher in Environmental History, Historical Geography, or a related discipline required
– Doctorate in related field preferred

– Recent related experience in an academic or research environment
– Familiarity with issues facing Canadian researchers in History, Geography, Environmental Studies, and related disciplines is an asset, as is work on collaborative research projects

Skills & Expertise:
– Academic background, familiarity with environmental history / historical geography, SSHRC, and grant writing
– Communication skills, organization skills, problem-solving skills
– Personal qualities including: emotional intelligence, high energy, reliability, creativity, determination, passion, diplomacy, and mature and astute judgment



Kids don’t get outside

smells like home depot

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