Appreciated Robert Plomin discussion re: disorders

Fully recommend giving this episode of the Making Sense podcast, #211 – The Nature of Human Nature. It’s a great dialogue about the state and future of “molecular genetics” science. But in particular at about 1:10:25 an exchange of a few minutes touches on some points that seem to go underappreciated in #mentalhealth awarness. Blomin makes a comment “… there are no disorders. There are just quantitative dimensions… if there is no disorder there is nothing to cure… we’re alleviating symptoms rather than curing a disorder.” He raises a continuum vs. disease model being more applicable to mental ‘disorders’ (Blomin reluctantly uses this word and adds “the extremes of these dimensions” than is common practice and that “it’s really held back the field”.

I’ve always intuitively felt like this must be true, and struggled to have good conversations with people sensitive to more of a disease model, on mental health issues. The implications of this for treatment research and innovation are huge when the goals are incremental vs. binary. It shouldn’t be taboo to say you feel depressed or any laying claim to any number of conditions that have been owned by disorder labels. Caveat always being sympathy for people’s lives touched in very sad ways by the extreme ends of those dimensions is obviously super important.



Ricky Gervais refreshing on parenting

Ricky Gervais, with about 10 mins left, on what’s actually important to impart as a parent.

“Give your kids a sense of humor.”

He is interesting throughout on the importance of comedy and free speech.


In this episode of the podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Ricky Gervais. They discuss fame, the effect of social media, the changing state of comedy, offensive jokes, Louis CK, political hypocrisy, Brexit and Trump, the state of journalism, and other topics. You can support the Making Sense podcast and receive subscriber-only content at

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Taking your life back from technology

I’ve always been a reluctant consumer of twitter and social media in general, with a strong preference for RSS feeds that allow for batching incoming information. This was a very practical discussion of implications of social media addiction in the business world. Apparently the average American adult between 16-64 spends 3 hours / day on social media sites! At the very least the author is spot on suggesting one of the easiest decisions to make is to at least remove social media apps from your phone..

Cal Newport on taking your life back from technology

Check out if you’re stuck wondering how to get off the Twitter escalator but not lose some great content that gets posted there.

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Bertrand Russell podcast

Skinny on time to do anything interesting online lately of a personal nature..

But I have to give special mention to one of my staple podcasts, BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time, covering Bertrand Russell in a Dec 2012 episode.

The focus is largely on his contributions to the field of logic, but I am a Russell fan more so for just being such an interesting character. His autobiography, I think having to do with when I read it, grabbed me like almost nothing else I have read. Conquest of Happiness, and countless essays also gold..

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The Top 4 Podcasts about the Environment

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